Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back again...

Two new drawings for today, because we were hyped. Or hyper. Or something like that. You know, however it works. We were inspired. Yea, that's it. Definitely.

"Crotchety Old Gnome"

Yea, I have no idea. the walker was rather difficult to draw when Ava was trying to draw in the same spot at the same time. And thats an ax behind him...

"Umm... NO."

This fish is no fool. Anyway, there you have it. As you can see, a continuation of the "Bold Phase". Good stuff, good times.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Here's crayon in your eye.

That's right, back again. Honestly, I wish we hadn't been away for so long. Well, at any rate, here's a drawing we did tonight:

"Drink Me!"

A distant reference a few of you may know.

As you can see, Ava is into her "Power Coloring" stage - as in, get as much of the crayon wax down as possible in as little time and space as possible. Kinda looks cool - ultra bold colors.

Also - all posted and ready to go at the shop section at Wearable Wares! Enjoy! See you next time!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Guess What?!?!?

Yes, we still are. Not a lot of excuses to give... But it's OK - because there's cool news!

First, the new ones:

"Oh Butler, Bring Me Yon Gloves"

I have no explanation.

"Yay! New Crayons!"

It's true! We went out and bought a giant box of more colors than we know what to do with. Good times indeed!

And now the news - I've launched a section of Wearable Wares called "Daddy and Ava Draw!" featuring all the drawings you know and love (and for those neither know nor love yet) from right here, featured on products you can buy and own right in your own home. And the best part - for those who love to be big helpers... Every penny of profit of every sale of every item featuring a "Daddy and Ava Draw" design will go straight to Ava's college fund. So you see - this isn't shameless self promotion by putting our drawings up on my website - this is shameless promotion of my daughter's amazing art skills! And how!